Citroën AK400. Comes with instructions and box. All parts are original Lego.

About Yellow:
The part that I use for the wheelarches on the back of the modell is no longer produced in yellow and green. For this reason I will use used parts for these colours. These parts will be in good condition. For the other colours, all parts will be new.

About Blue:
Multiple parts that I need for the Blue version are no longer in production and are very hard to come by and because of that very expensive. This is why I stopped selling the Blue version as a new set. I will continue to sell this colour as a set with used parts. You can find the used sets here.

About Orange:
The orange version has no ribbed sides. These parts do not come in the colour orange. Bricks with a smooth surface are used.

In stock: Red, Dark Bluish Grey, White, Yellow and Black.

Other colours: Delivery within 10 working days after payment.