An article on NU.nl, a Dutch news website:

"A Dutchman who builds  trains with LEGO bricks and resells his buildings must stop doing so. LEGO believes that it is infringing the trademark rights of the largest toy manufacturer in the world and the judge has ruled in favor.

The Dutchman must stop selling LEGO trains through his company HA bricks within two days. He must also share all his sales figures with the toy manufacturer.

If the man does not do this, he will have to pay LEGO 1,000 euros per day. The manufacturer can also demand an additional 500 euros per product sold. The Dutchman must also pay 16,000 euros in legal costs to the toy company.

The Dutchman sees his buildings as a tribute to LEGO and thought he was reselling the goods according to the rules.

But the preliminary relief judge ruled differently. Because he printed the LEGO bricks and provided them with ball bearings, he permanently changed the appearance of the bricks. According to the judge, this is simply not allowed.


Original news article HERE (in Dutch)



As you will understand, I do not want a legal fight with Lego. This is the reason I have closed my webshop. If you have any questions, please let me know.